About PSI

PSI -  'A Place Where We Belong.' Our school motto indicates our commitment to developing warm, caring relationships in a safe, joyful environment where students feel secure, appreciated and motivated to learn.

A hallmark of PSI is its strong professional culture. We benefit from exceptional, well-qualified and experienced faculty members who work collaboratively to offer students a first-class educational experience. This experience is further enhanced by our optimal class sizes, extensive teaching resources, and high-quality facilities. Guided by our vision, we inspire our learners to grow, to lead and to succeed, by embracing the full range of academic, artistic, athletic and service-centred opportunities on offer.

Students are encouraged to explore and develop their abilities, interests and passions to the fullest. Our extensive Extracurricular Activities programme (ECAs) gives students access to a wide range of clubs and sports, including drama, music, student leadership roles,  community service activities and overseas sports competitions.

It is with great pleasure that I serve the school’s community as PSI’s director.  I can confirm with great enthusiasm, that coming to PSI and living in Kyiv are opportunities not to be missed.

We shall be delighted to respond to any queries; please be in touch.

Rachel Caldwell