Pechersk School International Kyiv is a not-for-profit entity incorporated both outside Ukraine and registered in Ukraine.

The Board of Governors consists of twelve voting members. In addition, three non-voting, ex-officio members are appointed automatically each year: the director of the school, a teacher representative elected by teaching faculty of the school, and a representative from the PTA.

All voting Board members must be PSI parents. The PSI Board of Governors is responsible for the determination of the school's policies, the approval of the budget, setting the strategic priorities for the school, and the appointment of the school's director. 

PSI's Board of Governors 2020/21

PSI Board Chair

Board Vice-Chair

Governance & Strategy Committee

Board Treasurer

Chair of Finance and Risk Management Committee

Board Secretary

Governance and Strategy, Facilities and Building 

Non Voting Member, PSI Director

Non Voting Member, PTA Representative

Governance & Strategy Committee

Chair of Governance and Strategy Committee

Facilities and Building Committee

Finance & Risk Management Committee

Chair of Facilities and Building Committee 

Governance & Strategy Committee

Finance and Risk Management Committee

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Finance & Risk Management Committee