PSI's Guiding Statements

What are guiding statements?

Guiding Statements are the documents that define a school's values, purpose, and strategic direction. These statements provide the foundation for all decision making.

Guiding Statements' Review Process

In the 21-22 school year PSI team began a review of our guiding statements including our mission, vision, core values and parameters.

We invited PSI's Board consultant, Dr Andy Page-Smith, the CEO of the Academy of International School Heads, to meet focus groups including students, parents, faculty, staff, leadership team, Parent Teacher Association and Board of Governors.  

The data collected was analysed and presented during a special retreat in November 2022 where a representative focus group (24 members) provided input. The process of determining our new guiding statements was filled with fruitful discussions and the sharing of many interesting ideas. 

In January 2022, Dr Page-Smith presented the proposed changes to PSI’s Board of Governors, who ultimately approved them.

Please see our guiding statements below:

The objectives, criteria and measures we use to ensure we are following our intended path:



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