Admission Policy

PSI is an inclusive, diverse, non-discriminatory international school. The admission process is guided by PSI’s Core Values, School Parameters and Mission and Vision Statements.

PSI sees students as individuals and considers their ability to succeed in the school environment in terms of  the school’s capacity to support them and enable them to reach their fullest potential.

Please find below information relevant to the application process.


A review panel of appropriate staff members is responsible for making an admissions recommendation; however, final admissions decisions are made by the school director. In making a decision, the review panel is informed by a set of criteria that addresses the diverse characteristics and capacity of the particular grade for which the student is applying. The panel also considers the fit between the School and the applicant’s profile. In addition, the policy regarding enrolment priority is adhered to. These factors are outlined in the relevant handbooks. 

How does the School determine which year group my child will be placed in?

Student class placement is determined by the principal and includes the age of the student and their educational grade level history, previous school reports, and results of admissions or other testing. (Some students may need to undergo additional educational testing to determine their English language skills and grade placement.) The chart below may help you understand how grade level placement works. 

Age by 1st Sept

PSI Class

United States



3 yrs.





4 yrs.





5 yrs.




Year 1

6 yrs.

Grade 1

Grade 1

Class 1

Year 2

7 yrs.

Grade 2

Grade 2

Class 2

Year 3

8 yrs.

Grade 3

Grade 3

Class 3

Year 4

9 yrs.

Grade 4

Grade 4

Class 4

Year 5

10 yrs.

Grade 5

Grade 5

Class 5

Year 6

11 yrs

Grade 6

Grade 6

Class 6

Year 7

12 yrs.

Grade 7

Grade 7

Class 7

Year 8

13 yrs.

Grade 8

Grade 8

Class 8

Year 9

14 yrs

Grade 9

Grade 9

Class 9

Year 10

15 yrs.

Grade 10

Grade 10

Class 10

Year 11

16 yrs.

Grade 11

Grade 11

Class 11

Year 12

17 yrs.

Grade 12

Grade 12


Year 13


English Language Entrance Requirements

English language proficiency is preferred but not required for admissions between EC3 and Grade 8 in the Primary and Secondary School. 

The PSI programme is designed to meet students’ needs providing the following conditions are met in the Secondary School:  

  • Prior to entry into Grades 9 or 10, applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency at the intermediate level.

  • Prior to entry into Grades 11 or 12, applicants must demonstrate fluency in English in order to ensure their successful participation in PSI’s programme.

The school reserves the right to refuse entry to students applying to attend PSI who do not meet these language criteria. 

The number of students admitted requiring English language support at any grade level is limited by the availability of a suitable programme and English as an Additional Language (EAL) capacity as determined by the School director.

Special Admission Requirements / Specifications

Students seeking admission who may require additional support, or who have diagnosed learning difficulties, are evaluated to determine whether PSI is able to accommodate and support their needs within the School’s Learning Support structure. 

Students entering Grades 10, 11 or 12 are expected to be able to meet graduation requirements.

Students seeking admission to PSI in Grade 12 must enrol no later than three weeks after the start of the first semester or be transferring from an approved high school in which the student was enrolled in an acceptable senior programme of studies. Students enrolling in Grade 12 year must be able to meet the PSI graduation requirements for Grades 9 through 12 and be fluent in English.

Enrolment Priority

Priority of enrolment is determined by the director according to established criteria published on this website under Admissions F.A.Qs page. At PSI, 70% of all grade level positions are held by expatriate students. No single nationality, to include Ukrainian students, should exceed 30% per grade level. In the event a class is at maximum capacity, the admissions office generates and maintains a waiting pool.

Early Childhood (EC) Programme 

To be eligible for enrolment at PSI, students must be:

  • Three years old before 1 September for Early Childhood 3 (EC3)
  • Four years old before 1 September for EC4
  • Five years old before 1 September for Kindergarten (KG)

The school director may exercise discretion in particular circumstances and always in the best interest of the child and the overall school programme.