The PSI motto, A Place Where We Belong, extends to all community members, both past and present.

To encourage a continuing relationship between the school and former staff and students, we have provided the Facebook platform, PSI Alumni and Friends Association. All alumni are invited to join!

We envision a place where our alumni can share memories and photos, and where we can extend invitations to special events and provide useful information for business networking and employment opportunities.

Over the years, we continue to enjoy remarkable reunions at PSI, as alumni students frequently return to the campus during the year to visit current students and staff. These ongoing relationships are important to us and we strive to maintain and nurture them as part of our extended PSI community.

Interviews and stories

PSI enjoys showcasing and archiving the whereabouts of its students, as well as hearing about where they are, what they are up to, and what they have achieved!

Please click on any of the videos below to watch the incredible interviews with our PSI alumni. 

If you are interested in staying in touch, sending or receiving newsletters or photos, or contributing to our alumni stories, please email us at