Putin’s regime attacks Ukraine

On 24 February, 2022 the President of the Russian Federation authorised, ‘a special military operation’ against Ukraine. 

This began in the early hours of Thursday morning under the premise of eliminating, what he calls a serious threat, and aiming to demilitarise Russia's southern neighbour (source).

Following that announcement, the people of Ukraine have been terrorized by intense evil attacks across the territory of the whole country. These attacks by land, sea and air are the largest military assault by one European state on another since World War Two (source).

Spread the word. Support Ukraine together with #PSIKyiv!


How can you help the PSI, Kyiv Community?

The Pechersk School International community is facing extraordinary challenges in the context of the ongoing assault on Ukraine.

We continue to pay full salaries to all employees and are actively providing any necessary assistance to anyone who requires it. We are also aware that some members of our community and some alumni would like to make financial contributions. This effort began with generous donations from a former PSI School Director and from some of the providers with whom we continue to work.


As such, please see the process for making such donations below:



All funds raised will be allocated either to employees with specific needs caused by the aggression, or to causes that they are supporting (these will always be verified for their authenticity). If any funds are unused they will be donated to one or more of the organisations listed below on this website.

How can you help Ukraine?

Pechersk School International (PSI) is an international school community that is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are an organisation with almost 550 students and more than 160 staff members; 52 nationalities are represented.

The current news has impacted all of us and most of all our dear friends and colleagues in Ukraine.

We ask you to take immediate action and join PSI in supporting our wonderful country. Ukraine is a country of strong, courageous and vibrant people, who are standing together to defend their homeland from this unprovoked attack.

There are many ways to support Ukraine and its citizens.

The support can start with simple actions such as sharing the truthful news regarding the invasion, and updating your profile picture with the Ukrainian flag… you can also support military forces by donating money. Please see below the list of actions you can take, and take note that this list was compiled in cooperation with PSI staff, and the School’s friends and partners.

Please note that some organisations do not have an English version of their website, as such we recommend using the Google Translate plugin available in most common browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc

We have put together a list of organisations where you can donate to help people affected by the crisis.

(some organisations don't have an English version of the website, as such we recommend using Google Translate plugin available in most common browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc)

Thank you for your invaluable support of Ukraine and its people, and for taking a strong stance to demonstrate the values necessary to create ‘a better and more peaceful world’.