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About COVID-19

Starting from 12 March 2020 PSI campus is closed due to quarantine in Kyiv (no After School / Saturday Activities). We will inform you once we know a confirmed opening date.



Most recent information

COVID-19 Community Update 23 / May 18

Greetings to everyone, I hope you are all well.


As we continue into May, we are preparing for the 2020-21 school year.  Safety remains our top priority, and we will take all efforts to plan accordingly.  Indeed, we are currently working on our plans for re-entry to campus in August. Small working groups will devise plans for specific areas, such as Health and Safety, Teaching and Learning, Campus Operations, Finance, Communications & Relationships, Admissions, Staff Support, Tech Infrastructure and Student & Community Life. To oversee this work, provide guidance and make final decisions we have the newly established Board and leadership team group: The Re-Entry Task Force. 

We thank you all for your patience as we work through this complex situation, a situation where we are compelled to make certain decisions without all of the key facts - because they are not available yet. We are functioning on the following premise: 


Don’t wait until all the facts are in - they may never be - to act. In a crisis, good now is better than perfect later.*


We know that overseas travel is valued and treasured by many within the PSI community.  In light of the global circumstances that continue changing day to day, I would like to share some guidelines as you make your summer plans. We are asking all PSI students, families and staff, please, if you choose to travel outside of Ukraine during the summer, make sure to return to Kyiv early enough to fulfill any possible quarantine requirements before the start of school. Under current regulations, that means returning to Ukraine at least two weeks before school starts. 


Climate Survey Reminder

Our annual climate survey will close tomorrow at 17:00. If you haven’t already done so, please take some time to complete it. So far 96 parents have responded; thanks to all of you. We are keen to increase this number significantly in order to have a strong sample size.


Reminder - Campus Closure

Please find here the short survey prepared to gather your questions with regards to our decision to keep campus closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 School Year. We will start sharing our answers with you in the upcoming Weekly Digest in the 'Director's Message' section.


Annual General Meeting

This week, we look forward to our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 21 May. The AGM provides an opportunity to hear important Board updates for the School Year as we celebrate the progress and achievements of 2019-20. The results of the elections will also be announced on this occasion.


In addition, we will hear from one of our seniors from the graduating class of 2020 and we have some special treats in store from student groups in both Primary and Secondary. We hope to have record numbers this year - no travel involved!


Please note that due to privacy reasons, an official invitation along with the Zoom link to the Virtual AGM will be sent on Wednesday evening (20 May).


Update from the Ministry of Health

As usual, we include the recent update from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the COVID-19 situation. In total there are 18616 confirmed cases in Ukraine, including 2321 cases in Kyiv and 1224 cases in Kyiv Oblast.


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Hoping that you are all doing well and looking forward to a reunion as soon as possible,




Best regards, 


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