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Starting from 12 March 2020 PSI campus is closed due to quarantine in Kyiv (no After School / Saturday Activities). We will inform you once we know a confirmed opening date.



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COVID-19 Community Update 26 / 15 June

Dear PSI Community Members:


The last week of the 2019-20 school year is upon us. As first mentioned on 6 June, we have scheduled a community meeting for 16:00 on Wednesday, 17 June to discuss our Back To School Guide and provide any clarifications sought.


The Guide is linked here

As stated in the Executive Summary section, the Guide is designed with the purpose of providing as much preliminary information as possible in order to offer reassurance that we are very well prepared for our return to campus in mid August. We hope that you can make the time to read through it prior to our time together on Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon’s session will be recorded and shared via the Weekly Digest on 19 June. We have also created a Google doc, where anyone unable to attend the virtual meeting can post questions.


Due to privacy, the official invitation will be sent to the community prior to the event, on Tuesday evening. Meanwhile, you can save these details below:

  • Join us via Zoom

  • Meeting ID: 871 2699 3170

  • Password: 170620

Update from the Ukrainian Authorities

  1. Commercial international passenger services to and from Ukraine will gradually resume as of June 15. Citizens interested in departing Ukraine can find information about future flights by visiting the airlines' websites. Many land border checkpoints with neighboring countries have also re-opened. You can find a full list of currently open border crossings here.

  1. The Ukrainian government has lifted the entry ban for foreigners, with some special conditions in place. Please see further information here


Update from the Ministry of Health

As usual, we include the recent update from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the COVID-19 situation. In total there are 31810 confirmed cases in Ukraine, including 3957 cases in Kyiv and 2024 cases in Kyiv Oblast.


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