Primary School
Distance Learning Options



Grade KG:

Here is how parents can help support their child:

  1. Go to Raz Kids ( Put in my username (kjackson193) and find your child’s name and login with her password. They will be going to this website each day to do part of their daily reading. 

  2. Children will need to go to See Saw each day to find daily assignments. They will have assignments for Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, Word Work, Math, and Unit of Inquiry. Some of the activities will involve the computer, other activities will be on paper. All activities will have the child either taking photos or videos of their work and posting it to See Saw. Parents can access their child’s account by following the instructions using the pdf that attached to a previous sent email.

  3. To complete assignments children will need to have different materials from school. If possible, home learning bags with books, word work games, writing folder, science journal, and math manipulatives may be picked up at security. 

  4. There may also be some video conferencing so children can see their teacher realtime, ask questions, confer in their reading, writing, mathematics and/or units of inquiry.

Grade 1:

Students daily will read books at home or by using your RazKid’s accounts. Remember to answer the questions that come at the end of the RazKid’s book, and you may also make a video of yourself reading the story in RazKids. 

Ms. Bree’s class code: bkraft3

Ms. Laura’s class code: llamb18

If you have lost your login information please email your teacher directly so we can send that to you. 

Reading Response time - After reading a book, draw, write, and share about one of the following: a favorite part of the book; a connection you have to a character, problem, event, or lesson from the book; a wondering or question you have after reading. You may use plain or lined paper you have at home to draw, share, and write your ideas. 

Mini-Lesson - Remember good readers use their voice to add feelings and expressions of characters from books. You may use video yourself reading or responding to books and then share that with your teachers. 

Writing Engagements:

Students daily plan and write their own fiction stories. You may use plain or lined paper you have at home to draw, share, and write your stories.  

Mini Lesson - Remember good writers use pictures and especially words in their writing or texts to show the character’s feelings and actions of characters. 

Math Engagements:

Students daily (Monday - Friday) use IXL math accounts to practice number sense, math story problems, telling time, and addition & subtraction skills. If you have lost your login information please email your teacher directly so we can send that to you.

Math games online

More free math games online

If children have any questions or concerns about their Virtual Learning engagements, please ask your parents, adult chaperone, or contact your teachers for help. 

Please be sure to remember to bring your Virtual Learning back to school after you return. Optional - take a photo or video of your work and email that to your teacher.

Grade 2:

G2 will be using to host live discussions in class. In order to access the link to be invited to Zoom discussions, students will need to get into their gmail account. Student email addresses and passwords will be sent via email to parents. 

The QR code to access Seesaw will also be sent to parents who will need to scan in order to access and turn in assignments on Seesaw. Assignments will be posted there and children can upload their finished work by taking a picture, for example, and uploading it. If students do not have access to a tablet, iPad or phone please let your teacher know.

Grade 3:

We will use a variety of platforms such as seesaw, google docs and google classroom.  Because students are used to using google docs in class and collaborating and sharing, much of the work will be done using these tools.  Google Hangouts or Zoom will be used for video conferencing. The teachers will send daily work to all students who should complete the work throughout the day and hand it back in. Students can email or video conference throughout the day with their teachers but the best times will be posted by their teachers. 

Grade 4:

We will be using Google Classroom (which can be accessed with the child’s PSI email and password), along with Seesaw to access and submit learning evidence.  As the week progresses, we may try to have students come to class virtually via Zoom. In this case, email links will be sent to students, when they click on the link they will be live and online with us in the class.  Obviously, as we are trialing this, we will need some patience! We can also use Zoom to talk and conference individually or in his Reading Group.

If a student does not have a device at home, we can sign out the Chromebook to use at home.  Also, learning materials (notebooks, ruler, protractor, reading book) may be gathered for someone to collect them and sign for them at the security gate.  

As usual, children can access the G4 Home Learning site along with Zearn to practice math, and can work on the current assignments such as essays in Google classroom.  Students can continue to read and write their Reading Responses on Seesaw. If they need more books to read for their Reading Response, they can use the PSI Primary Library page to read books from Tumblebooks or Epic that are at their grade level.

Grade 5:

Students receive daily emails from teachers as to the work that needs to be done from home.  Teachers are also using video conferencing platforms, such as google hangouts or zoom, to teach lessons. We will be using Google Classroom (which can be accessed with the child’s PSI email and password), along with Seesaw to access and submit learning evidence. Parents are cc’ed in on all email communications with students so they are aware of what their child should be working on.

Single Subjects:

Students will follow their daily A-F schedule when working on single subjects.  Depending on the teacher, students may video conference or be sent assignments via Seesaw.  Students can then respond to the teacher using the same platform.

Parents are asked to monitor their child’s work throughout the day.  We do not want the children online for more than one hour for EC-G2 and two hours for grades 3-5.  Online activity will not be done all at once. Children should take breaks when they feel they need to. If parents have questions, please be sure to email the teacher directly.  We want to be sure to maintain open communication flowing both ways.