Secondary School
Distance Learning Options



Here’s what you can expect:

  1. A weekly message sent directly to students and parents by email that gives an overview of what and how students will learn each day of the coming week

  2. A daily form to check attendance 

  3. A variety of learning activities that will certainly involve technology, but will also give students some time away from their screens

  4. Regularly scheduled ‘office hours’ so that students can always reach their teachers with questions

  5. Weekly feedback mechanisms so that we can hear from our students what’s working and what isn’t as we continue to evolve

What you and your children can do to help:

  1. Carefully read each weekly set of plans and add information to your children’s calendars so they know when they are having ‘live’ classes and when assignments are due

  2. Download Zoom onto your child’s computer to make it easier to connect to classes and discussion groups

  3. Make sure that your child steps away from the computer on a regular basis. We encourage them to get some fresh air and exercise whenever possible

  4. Contact any teacher or our Secondary counsellor if you have questions or concerns.