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Important Updates

Message from Cafeteria

Dear students, parents and teachers:

PSI's We Belong Cafe has enjoyed providing you with service during the School Year 2018/2019. We shall be glad to continue serving you starting from the beginning of the New School Year 2019/2020.

Summer Camp

We are pleased to announce that PSI will be offering a Summer Camp during the June / July holiday period for Early Childhood, Primary and Middle School students. Both PSI and non-PSI students are welcome to attend.

Your child has received a copy of an application form. If you are interested in the Summer Camp, please fill it in and drop it to Reception. To sign up, please use this application form. If you have any questions, please contact Val Yermolenko at

Service Project News

All CAS teams successfully completed their projects.

Djerela team would like to express their gratitude to everybody who supported Djerela group at the PTA Summer Fair. Raised funds were transferred to Djerela. 'Movember' project funds were used to buy hygiene supplies for one of the state cancer hospitals in Kyiv. Student Store CAS group supported the family with severe disabilities continuing the project they started 6 years ago.

We wish you fabulous relaxing vacation and new energy in the coming school year.