Welcome to PSI - an IB World School offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

It draws from wide-ranging educational research and best practice from national systems around the world. An IB education focuses on four practices: learning through inquiry, an emphasis on learner agency and the characteristics and habits of internationally minded learners who succeed in their world, and finally, an emphasis on action for a better world. Our mission, vision and values fully align with these practices.


Primary School Principal, Primary Years Programme Coordinator 

The Primary Years Programme is an international curriculum framework designed for learners aged 3 to 12 years.

The programme focuses on the whole child and develops their social, academic, physical, emotional and cultural needs. The PYP curriculum framework is built around three interrelated questions: What do we want to learn? How best will we learn? How will we know what we have learned?

What does it mean to learn in the Primary Years Programme at PSI?


How learning is organised in the Primary School at PSI?

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Enrolment is currently open and certain grades have reached maximum capacity!

Contact our Admissions Manager, Tetiana, to secure a place for your child/-ren via admissions@psi.kiev.ua 👍