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Enrolment Procedures

Admission Procedure

To apply for admission, please complete the registration form online (go to the link) which will be submitted automatically. Before the Principal can approve an application, the following items must be received:

  1. Submitted registration form
  2. Official school records and transcripts (in English - Official translation may be required) for the past 2 years sent by email to, a copy of passport page showing name and date of birth, immunisation record
  3. Student Reference Form completed and signed by a teacher at the student's current school. To be sent directly by the teacher to PSI Registrar (
  4. Completion of placement tests as required (After we receive your registration documents, online English and Maths tests will be arranged for Secondary students in Grades 6 –11.)

Enrolment Policy

Pechersk School International Kyiv is a diverse and welcoming learning community for students age 3-18. It offers a challenging and integrated set of programmes that encourage achievement and a set of values based on the IB Learner Profile.

Admission is open to students of any nationality who can benefit from an international, English language education.

Because the post-16 programme at PSI is a two-year course, students seeking enrolment into Grade 12 must come from an IB Diploma school with a programme that PSI can match. Students at this level must be fluent in English.

Admission and continued enrolment at PSI are determined by the Primary and Secondary Principals based on the following criteria:

1. The potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services available

(including English language proficiency)

2. The capacity of the school to meet the educational needs of the applicant

3. Fulfilment of school financial and medical requirements

4. The effect on the class as a whole

5. Testing in mathematics and English language proficiency

Prospective applicants will be considered unless there is reason to believe that admission is not in the best interest of the applicant or the school. Students with special educational needs will be accommodated wherever possible. However, the School recognises that there are instances where a child may have special needs, (be they academic, intellectual, physical, social/emotional or behavioural) that may require services or resources beyond the school’s ability to provide a meaningful programme for that student. Therefore, it is the School’s sole discretion to accept or re-admit students outside the normal range of ability and progress who might either require specialist teaching the School cannot provide, or need a disproportionate amount of the teacher’s time.

Whenever it is not possible to accommodate all qualified applicants, the following

enrolment priorities will apply:

1. Returning students in good standing who have completed re-registration and paid an enrolment fee by May 1st to guarantee priority enrolment.

2. Siblings of returning students in good standing who have completed the registration guidelines by May 1st.

3. Completed registration for dependents of foreign embassy staff and international students

4. Completed registration for other students with priority based on academic competence and English proficiency

Returning students in good standing are defined as those who meet the following standards:

  • Records a satisfactory attendance and discipline record in the previous school year
  • Possess the academic potential for success and meet the academic programme requirements
  • Have made full payment of all tuition fees from the previous school year

Class Placement

Initial student class placement will be determined by the principal upon the recommendation of the Admissions Office staff. The primary factor to place students will be the age of the student. Previous reports, grades completed and testing may also be requested to assist the principals in making an informed decision.

Entrance Requirements

English Language Proficiency is preferred but not required for admission between Early Childhood 3 and Grade 8. Applicants will be tested to assist in programme development and placement. The PSI programme is designed to meet students' needs providing the following conditions are met in the Secondary School:

Prior to entry into Grades 9 & 10, applicants must demonstrate English Language proficiency at the intermediate level.

Prior to entry into Grades 11&12, applicants must demonstrate fluency in English in order to ensure their successful participation in PSI's Diploma Programme.

Admission Placement by Age at PSI

PSI Class Age at Sept. 1United StatesEngland Ukraine
EC33 yrs.Pre-School ------------ ------------
EC4 4 yrs. Pre-KindergartenReception-------------
Kindergarten 5 yrs. KindergartenYear 1Kindergarten
Grade 16 yrs. Grade 1 Year 2Class 1
Grade 2 7 yrs.Grade 2Year 3 Class 2
Grade 38 yrs.Grade 3Year 4 Class 3
Grade 49 yrs.Grade 4 Year 5 Class 4
Grade 5 10 yrs. Grade 5 Year 6 Class 5
Grade 611 yrs.Grade 6Year 7 Class 6
Grade 712 yrs. Grade 7Year 8 Class 7
Grade 813 yrs. Grade 8Year 9 Class 8
Grade 914 yrs.Grade 9 Year 10Class 9
Grade 10 15 yrs. Grade 10Year 11 Class 10
Grade 11 16 yrs. Grade 11 Lower 6th Class 11
Grade 1217 yrs. Grade 12 Upper 6th------------

Admission to EC3

Children turning 3 years old after 1st September, but before 1st November may be considered for admission into EC3. In such cases the school reserves the right to review the child's progress for an 8-week probationary period. In such cases the child must repeat a further academic year in EC3. The School's decision is final in determining the child's placement in subsequent years. The policy that students entering Kindergarten must turn 5 years old by 1st September during the year of admission will apply.

Admission to the IB Diploma Programme

At PSI, the IB Diploma Programme is a two-year course for students ages 16-19. Students seeking admission to Grade 11 or 12 fall into two categories:

1. Those currently in Grade 10 and seeking promotion

2. Those entering PSI from another school

For those currently in Grade 10 at PSI and seeking promotion, placement in Grade 11 is automatic unless:

1. A student does not earn appropriate course credits in Grade 10 to meet the school graduation requirements. Students who do not receive at least a grade of 3 (out of 7) in any course have not passed that course. These failures may impact the ability to graduate on schedule.

2. A student's behaviour and/or attendance is sufficiently poor to warrant exit from the School.

Those seeking admission to the IB Diploma Programme from outside PSI must:

1. Have reached the age of 16 by September 1st of the year of entry.

2. Meet the School's standards for English reading and writing skills.

3. Meet the School's standards for Mathematics and Science.

4. Provide previous transcripts or reports from Grades 9 and 10 or equivalent.

5. Schedule an interview with the IB Coordinator to discuss appropriateness of the programme with regard to university and career goals, as well as the evaluation of information covered in steps 1-4.

Those seeking admission to the IB Diploma Programme from inside PSI must:

1. Have at least 26 overall points in their academic (core courses), fifteen of which must be in their chosen courses for Higher Level (HLs).

2. Receive the recommendations of teachers regarding their commitment to learning.

3. Complete and pass the Grade 10 Personal Project (even if they are not working toward MYP certification).

After these steps have been completed, the IB Diploma Coordinator will advise the Principal if the student will be awarded admission to the programme. Where required for college admission, students will be encouraged to study for the IB Diploma Programme. Following this, the IB Coordinator will recommend:

1. Full admission to Grade 11 with a recommendation that the student be entered for (a) the full IB

Diploma Programme or (b) IB Certificate Programme and/or (c) PSI Graduation Programme.

2. Provisional admission to Grade 11 Programme. Provisions considered:

a. A student may be asked to repeat Grade 11 if his/her end-of-year achievement is unsatisfactory.

b. A student may be monitored for an 8-week probationary period.

3. Recommendation that the student applicant is unprepared for admission to the PSI IB Programme.

Any of the above conditions can be waived for cause or at the request of the Director who holds ultimate authority in all school placements.

Students applying for Grade 12 must come from an IB Diploma Programme school and have a programme that PSI can match. Students may be asked to join Grade 11 or repeat Grade 12 if necessary. It is not unusual for the school to deny admission to Grade 12 students if the school cannot match the student's previous programme.

New Student Orientation

A new parent/student orientation is held just prior to the beginning of the school year. Students entering PSI are generally paired with an existing student as a 'buddy.' We pride ourselves on helping students feel that they 'belong.' However, parents are encouraged to contact the School if they see signs that their child is struggling to adjust.

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