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Bus Service

PSI provides a comprehensive bus service to transport its students to and from school each day. Our bus transport service is carried out with a high level of safety, reliability and quality. The service is operated by PSI who contracts with local companies for high quality buses.

The programme is coordinated by our school Bus Programme Coordinator, please get in touch with any queries.


Bus Schedules

Travel time to and from school should not take longer than 45 minutes, however, daily road traffic and poor weather conditions can impact this time. If there are any changes in the schedule timing, parents will receive a phone call from their bus monitor.


Students are collected at the time provided to each family by the Bus Programme Coordinator.

The designated morning bus time indicates the departure time, buses do not wait for students. Students should arrive at school by 08:15.


Bus departure times from PSI to return students home:

15:15 – Primary and Secondary

16:15 – Primary and Secondary (after regular classes and ECAs)

17:20 – Secondary after ECAs (ad hoc departure times will be implemented depending on when activities end)

There are also late buses provided for students participating in occasional events, for example, sporting activities, that may extend beyond 18:00.


The safety of our students using the bus service is a priority and we ensure this through the following measures:

  • Primary children and Grade 6 and 7 students must have written permission from parents to get off the bus without a parent meeting them.
  • The vehicles receive regular safety and maintenance checks.
  • All vehicles are fitted with seat belts for each child. For EC3 and EC4 students, US-sourced Safeguard seat restraints are fitted.
  • Drivers are qualified and experienced and receive appropriate training.
  • A bus monitor, who is an English-speaking school employee, accompanies each minibus. The capacity of the largest bus is 16 students.
  • Both the driver and bus monitor, in each vehicle, are provided with mobile phones to stay in contact with the school and with parents. A parent contact list is provided to each bus monitor.

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