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IB Diploma Programme

Students in Grades 11 and 12 follow a two-year college preparatory programme designed for those seeking to enter higher education in universities world wide.

Students select an individually tailored learning programme that includes a Mother Tongue language (English, Russian or a self-taught language), a Second Language (English, Spanish, French, or Russian), an Individuals and Societies subject (Economics, Geography, Global Politics, History), an Experimental Science subject (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Design Technology or Environmental Systems and Societies), Mathematics, and an Arts subject (Visual Art or Theatre) or an elective subject, drawn from one of the other non-Maths areas. Students also participate in a Theory of Knowledge class, write an Extended Essay (a 4,000-word research essay) and participate in Creativity, Action and Service projects (CAS).

Based on their performance, interests and needs, students may work toward the full IB Diploma Programme, a selection of IB Certificates and/or the PSI High School Graduation Certificate.

The IB Diploma option is the most demanding of the three tracks in terms of student motivation and commitment, class and independent study time, study skills and application.

Through the IB Certificate option, students can put together a range of courses that are externally examined. The certificate option offers more flexibility than in the IB Diploma option regarding the number and levels of courses studied.

As long as they satisfy the requirements for graduation, all three tracks allow students to qualify for a PSI High School Diploma. This is equivalent to a North American high school diploma and is therefore valid for admission to universities that require such a qualification. The PSI Graduation option includes the same flexibility as the IB Certificate option, but is designed to allow students to receive a High School Diploma without sitting any external examinations.

It is important that the admission requirements of colleges and universities are taken into account when deciding which track is the most suitable.

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