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Information Technology

At PSI, the use of technology to enhance learning is an integral part of the school day. Our classrooms are equipped with digital projectors and interactive SMARTBoards, which are used to support the integration of technology into the learning process.

When they're ready for hands-on work, thanks to our fully networked campus and a robust wifi system, students have ready access to the Internet and network resources.

We have adopted a graduated computing plan for our students, guiding them through the process of becoming full-fledged computer owners using a scaffolded approach:

  • In EC and kindergarten, students have access to laptops and iPads through “stations-based" activities.
  • Grade 1 is a transition year with a larger number of laptops and some iPads for both “stations" and all-class activities.
  • In grade 2, students share a Chromebook between two students in different classes, giving them a chance to develop a sense of ownership and care for the device as well as having easy access to a computer when they need it.
  • In grades 3- 5, each student is assigned their own Chromebook.
  • The Secondary School (grades 6-12) has a 1:1 laptop program with all students bringing their own laptop to school. For special projects we have research stations in the library.

Both inquiry and assessment tasks often allow the use of multimedia devices such as digital cameras and iPads to investigate, record and create, further facilitating a 21st century learning environment.

We also have 3D printers available for all classes to use for printing their designs of 3D objects.

PSI video featuring Rex Santos, IT Director

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