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Parent, Teacher and Student Conferences

At PSI, the following structures of conferences are used:

Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) in Primary School

The purpose of the PTC is to share information among teachers, students and parents.

These are designed to give the parents information about the School's programme, as well as about each student's progress, development and needs. Teachers answer the parents' questions, address their concerns, and help define their role in the learning process. The parents should provide the teacher with the cultural context of the student's learning.

Student-Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences (SLC) involve the student and the parent. The students are responsible for leading the conference, and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the contents of their portfolios. SLC's may involve demonstrating students' understanding in a variety of different learning situations. Normally, several conferences are taking place simultaneously. The conference involves the student discussing and reflecting upon samples of work that they have chosen to share with their parents. These samples have been selected with guidance and support from the teacher, and often are from the student's portfolio. The student identifies strengths and areas for improvement, while parents gain a clear insight into the kind of work their child is doing. The conference offers parents an opportunity to discuss the learning process with their child.

School finishes early on conference days. Supervision is organised for students who need to stay at school until their appointment time.

Conference sign ups and requests for supervision are done electronically. Parents receive directions and deadlines for these sign ups before each conference.

Parent Teacher Conferences in Secondary School

The Secondary Parent Teacher Conference allows both parents and teachers an opportunity to talk about the student's progress, his/her attitude towards learning and social development.

Parent Teacher Conferences are held twice a year - after the 1st Quarter in November and after the 3rd Quarter in April, usually from 1pm until 5pm on specific dates.

A week after the Secondary parents have received their child's progress report for the quarter, they are invited to attend the PTC's. They can choose to meet personally with their child's teachers, the Secondary counsellor and/or the MYP Coordinator to talk about their child's progress and performance as reflected in the quarter report card.

This invitation is also followed by instructions about how to sign up for the Conference. Parents sign up online to book the 10-minute meetings with the Secondary teachers and/or the 20-minute meetings with the Special Educational Needs (SEN) teacher and/or Secondary Counsellor.

We encourage parents to bring their Secondary School child with them to these conferences so that all parties can be part of the same conversation and agree to new goals for each student.

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