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Student Council

Primary Student Council

The Primary Student Council is a group of Grade 3-5 students who are voted to represent their class. The group, led by two teacher advisors, learns about leadership and service through actions such as: school improvement initiatives, spirit events and service within and outside of PSI.

The group currently meets every Monday at 12:05pm during Primary lunch time, in one of the advisors classrooms. If you have any queries please email Primary Student Council advisor Jane Lueders.

Secondary Student Council

The goal of the Secondary Student Council is to be the voice of the Secondary students, allowing them to have input into different events or parts of school life.

The Student Council strives to connect the students, the administration and the PTA. They listen to suggestions and ideas from the students and discuss them as a group before trying to act on them or bring them to the attention of the administration.

For the past few years, the Student Council has sought to create different school traditions and continue previous ones to create a sense of school spirit. From small things like Valentine's Day flower sales or Easter egg hunts to bigger events like the Middle School social or High School prom. The Student Council has tried to bring a new sense of excitement and community into school life.

The Student Council also provides opportunities for student representatives to practice leadership, communication and collaboration skills. It gives students the chance to perform a service for our very own PSI community.

The group meets every Monday at 11:25am during Secondary lunch time. Each meeting consists of discussions where everyone has the chance to talk and bring up points. Anyone is more than welcome to join in!

The Secondary Student Council works to improve school life and invite suggestions and feedback from the community. Please email Student Council advisor Tito Basu.

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