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The School Day

The Primary and Secondary School daily schedules are very similar, with 40-minute periods as the norm. You will note that the Primary School contains a morning recess, while the Secondary School provides brief breaks between double blocks of time. Both programmes begin by 8:25am and end at approximately 3:00pm.

EC3 - EC4 ---8:25am - 3:00pm
KG - G5---8:20am - 3:00pm
G6 - G12---8:25am - 2:55pm

After school schedule

There is a scheduled activity period after school, beginning at 3:00pm each day. Activities may run for one or two hours, depending on the activity and the age of the student. Students should not be on campus after 3:00pm unless they are participating in a supervised extracurricular activity.

Students are NOT allowed to leave campus during school hours for any reason unless the school has received a prior request from the parents and the necessary early release form has been completed and signed by the teachers and the appropriate Principal / IB Coordinator.

Primary students must be accompanied by either the parent or guardian who has requested early release.

At the end of the school day, students who have departed for home from the PSI campus are NOT permitted to return unless for emergency reasons.

This includes the time between the end of classes and the start of ECAs.

Students should not arrive in the school before 8:00 am or stay after 5:00pm. The exceptions are for sports teams and academic activities that have practices and meetings beyond those times.

All school events must be over by 10:00pm and the campus vacated quietly.

Students are not permitted on the campus on weekends unless this has been prearranged with school administration.

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