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Living in Kyiv

Welcome to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Whether you are definitely preparing for your move to Kyiv or are just contemplating the possibility, we’re happy to provide you with information on one of the most exciting cities in one of the most historically rich and fascinating countries in Eastern Europe.

You may have a wealth of experience living in different countries or it may still be relatively new for you to uproot yourself and forge a new life in a different country. Whatever the case, please feel free to browse our Moving to Kyiv Guide for useful information, the logistics of living in the city, and resources to enhance your time here.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy your post to this wonderful city. All the staff at PSI and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) will certainly offer their support to you and your family during your stay here. However, there are many other forms of support outside of school, including the International Women's Club in Kyiv (IWCK). This organisation produces a wonderful guide book, available from their office, which proves to be an invaluable resource!

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