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Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Pechersk School International. All parents and staff at the school community are members of the PTA.

It can be tricky to move to a new country, to have to start all over again, to learn a new language and culture. By getting involved in the PTA, you will quickly meet new friends and your transition to your new life here will be much easier.

A great way to get involved is to become a classroom parent! Classroom parents are the liaison between the PTA, teacher and parents in the class. They are encouraged to attend the PTA meetings, brief other parents from their class about PTA events and coordinate parent donations for PTA fundraising events. Class teachers may also ask room parents to help with class activities or field trips. Each class needs at least one classroom parent.

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The PTA organises several events throughout the year:

Back to School Picnic

The Back to School Picnic is held in the school garden (weather permitting) and is a great opportunity to welcome new families, get together with old friends and give the children a chance to play together.

PTA Meetings

PTA Meetings are held once a month on Tuesdays in the school cafeteria at 8:30am. New and returning parents meet for a chat and a coffee, and the Steering Committee provides updates on PTA, Board Meetings and School Events.

International Night

On International Night In October/November we celebrate the different nationalities in our school community. It is an evening to socialise and to enjoy the many different aspects of the multinational and multicultural community we have at PSI. Each country has a table where they provide an amazing selection of national food, drink and decorations that represent their home country. Students participate in the Parade of Nations and everyone enjoys trying out the different samples of food!

Annual Fund Raiser

Each year, the PTA organises a major fund raiser for the school. In 2013, the Venetian Gala raised money to support the school's technology programme. The PTA sponsored a drive to put a combination of 2,014 books, periodicals, e-readers and databases in the Primary and Secondary libraries in 2014. In 2015, the PTA sponsored the Foundation Scholarship and Secondary Drama programmes. Glittering Night in 2016 raised money for Poetry Alive for Primary and Secondary grades and for Innovative Technology in Secondary. In 2017 the Rock n Roll Night will raise funds for a new initiative called Community Involvement and Social Responsibility Initiative (CISRI), these are projects initiated and implemented by students.


We organise Bazaars twice a year (winter and spring) where you can buy fantastic arts and crafts from local vendors!

Summer Fair

This is a social event for all families at PSI and is yet another great opportunity for you to socialise with the other parents at school as well as the teachers while the children play games and have fun with their friends.

Staff Appreciation Party

The Staff Appreciation Party is a fun-filled evening for the parents and staff at PSI. The PTA hosts this annual party to thank the teachers and staff for their hard work during the school year. We get together in the school garden with good food, good drinks and good company.

Bake Sales

Bake Sales are held throughout the school year to raise funds for a variety of small projects and school activities, ranging from grade level units to high school prom. Get your apron on and get involved!

Come to our next PTA meeting and hear how to get involved. We would love to see you!

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