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PSI Cafeteria

PSI contracts with Catering Cafe, a private catering company that provides hot, nutritious, child-orientated international meals. The use of the cafeteria is optional and parents are welcome to provide students with a homemade healthy lunch. Students may also purchase snacks from the cafeteria outside of the regular meal hours. Hot lunches and snacks from the cafeteria are not included in tuition fees.

A typical daily lunch menu for students includes the following:

- Soup

- A protein based main course like chicken, beef, or fish

- A vegetarian main course option

- A carbohydrate side dish like rice, potato, pasta, etc.

- Fresh or lightly cooked vegetables OR a Salad

- Fruit-based or sweet dessert (only on Fridays for Primary students)

The above set menu is given to every student to ensure that on each plate is the daily-recommended amount of nutrition: a main course, side dish, and fresh vegetables. Helpful information on the school lunch system and the most recent lunch menu can be found following the links below.

This is the Letter From Catering Company.

The school cafeteria is open from 8:00-16:00 to meet the requirements of the school community. It is possible to buy meal tickets during opening hours. The caterer works in close cooperation with parents and school administration. Their goal is to provide the best quality food and services. The caterer takes much care in choosing ingredients and in cooking each meal. We look forward to serving your children.


Tel: 050-355-67-23

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