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Posted 11/30/2017 03:41PM

Dear Parents:

The question has recently been asked about how we select resources for the library. As our handbook states, we keep a collection based on the needs and interests of our diverse community.

The PSI community is defined as students, parents, educational professionals and staff members who are engaged in teaching and learning at PSI, an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School from Early Childhood (EC) to Grade 12. The community includes multinational, multilingual, international expatriate and national library patrons.

We are constantly reviewing, improving and updating our collection by weeding old and outdated materials and reordering materials to meet our needs. We welcome staff, student, and parent input about titles to be ordered by submitting their requests on the following documents or contacting the librarian directly. These recommendations are reviewed by the librarian before ordering.

Primary school recommendations

Secondary school recommendations

Our criteria for selection of print and online materials is outlined in our handbook and can be seen below:

The selection of print and online materials is made in consultation with Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) coordinators as well as with PSI teachers, staff and administration as appropriate. Resources are judged on the criteria listed below.

Relevant to curriculum needs of the users

  • Meets both existing and anticipated needs
  • Corresponds with the current IB curriculum
  • Supports current PYP units of inquiry, MYP units and DP course outlines
  • Supports PYP Exhibition, MYP Personal Project and DP Extended Essay
  • Provides appropriate support for the various subject areas
  • Justifies costs in terms of potential use and value to the collection
  • Has favorable recommendations based on the preview of materials by faculty, where possible

Relevant to recreational needs of the users

  • Meets the existing and anticipated needs of users
  • Is likely to circulate extensively
  • Justifies costs in terms of potential use and value to the collection
  • Has favorable reviews found in reputable selection sources


  • Provides current and valid Information, especially in the areas of science, technology and geography
  • Includes recent and relevant tables, charts and other data

Accurate in the presentation of information

  • Presents facts and opinions impartially, fairly, and in an unbiased way
  • Contains correct content

Authoritative (any of the following)

  • Is produced by an author or creator who is qualified in the field
  • Is published by a publisher who is well established and reputable in the field
  • Is produced by an author or creator who has produced other works in the same area

Well Presented

  • Uses appropriate style for the subject and use
  • Contains high quality illustrations
  • Organises content logically and sequentially
  • Provides easily accessible information through readable tables, charts, etc.
  • Contains an index, table of contents, glossary, bibliography, link to websites, etc.
  • Is durable and well constructed
  • Uses high quality print and paper

Respectful of all peoples

  • Is free from bias and prejudice
  • Presents a positive image of women, men, disabled persons, ethnic and minority groups
  • Represents people with honesty and accuracy
  • Is free from stereotypical images and role definitions

Appropriate to age level of users

  • Uses readable print and a format suitable for the age level of the target audience
  • Contains appropriate vocabulary
  • Suits the interest level of the intended users
  • Is appropriate for the age, emotional development, ability level, learning styles, and social development for whom the materials are selected

PSI Library Policies and Procedures Handbook, 2017

If you have any questions regarding our selection and ordering procedure, please feel free to contact us directly for Primary library queries and for Secondary library queries.

Next week, we will address how we evaluate the collection, 'de-select' materials and the procedure for challenging resources. In the meantime, please complete this short online survey.

Best regards,

Pam and Polina

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