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PTA President Community Letter
Posted 05/11/2018 02:01PM

Dear Parents,

I am writing to you today on a matter that is close to my heart. My time as President of the PTA is coming to a close as I am stepping down from this position at the end of this school year. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve each and every one of you and to work so closely with the wonderful members of the PTA Steering Committee. Each active parent has enriched my life and I have made many new life long friends.

Unfortunately, half of the PTA Steering Committee will or already has move(d) at the end of the school year which leaves many vacancies for the next one. I believe I can speak on behalf of all my fellow PTA Steering Committee members that we all enjoy our work for the PSI school community, the sense of belonging and companionship. Planning events that benefit our student council, parents and/or teachers is fun and exciting because it is meaningful to our school, gives purpose to the life of a parent, and ultimately serves a greater cause than ourselves.

Therefore, I ask you to consider joining the PTA Steering Committee next year. While so many of our Expat parents are moving, others will stay on next year to carry on the PTA's mission and to help you figure out your new role. The remaining members of the PTA Steering Committee look forward to hearing your new ideas and valuable input as well as working with you to make PSI a school where we belong. We cannot do our work and carry on our initiatives without your help. Here is a quick overview what you would be involved in as a member of the Steering Committee:

- Organize Back to School Picnic

- Organize Whine & Cheese Night for new parents and teachers

- Organize International Night

- Help Student Council with their various activities

- Select, approve and assist with CISRI grants

- Organize the Winter Bazar

- Organize the annual PTA fundraiser

- Organize Fun Day

- Organize Teacher Appreciation Party

Please do not hesitate to approach me or any of my valuable Steering Committee members to ask questions about our work to help make you a decision. You may also contact me at 067 447 0816, or Inna at 067 225 4477 or Bettina at 050 324 1971. I hope you will decide to join a team of dynamic and kind parents to form the PTA Steering Committee of 2018/2019!

Kind regards,

Iulia Burunciuc

PTA President

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