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End Of School Year Planning
Posted 06/08/2018 12:36PM
  • PSI Parent & Student Handbook 2018 / 2019 - Please see our updated Handbook for all the background to school policy, programmes and special events. LINK
  • Leaving Families Survey / Meetings - Linked to this message is an important survey for families who will be leaving PSI this month. The survey also provides an opportunity to register and meet with John, Sue or Patricia to provide feedback at a greater level. As you move on, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Click on the survey LINK to complete it.
  • School Reports - Reports will not be distributed early for families who depart for the holiday early. Reports go out electronically and will be sent to all families in the final week of school (Primary on Tuesday and Secondary on Thursday) .
  • Annual Yearbook - Similar to reports, there is no early release of the annual Yearbook. They will be distributed on the final Thursday to all students. Copies will be held at PSI for all students who are absent.
  • Final Day Assemblies - The Primary School will hold an assembly at 8:30 am and the Secondary School at 10:30 am on 22nd June. Parents are most welcome to attend, as staff farewells are an important part of both Assembly events.
  • Final Day Dismissal - Dismissal time on the final day (Friday, 22nd June) will be at 12:00 noon for all students. All buses will leave PSI shortly after this time.
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