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Secondary Principal
Posted 09/14/2018 11:33AM

Dear Parents:

As you know, next week is the annual Week without Walls. Students and teachers are travelling to a number of locations within and beyond Ukraine and will have a variety of learning experiences. Inevitably, students name the Week without Walls as one of their favourite parts of being at PSI. They point to the opportunities to bond with classmates and the unique experiences they have as their main reasons. We point to the powerful learning that takes place, often across multiple subject areas.

Having said that, our most important focus is everyone's safety. Please remind your child that it is important to follow the teachers' directions, to abide by all school rules, and to look after themselves and each other.

Each grade level will send pictures for us to post on Facebook and we'll share as many of them as we can. Please remember that some groups are in places where the internet connection may not be strong, so not all groups will be able to post each day. It's also true that on some trips, students will have only limited access to their phones so that they can focus on the learning for that day. However, all students should be able to check in with you at the end of each day. Your child's trip leader will send you a phone number by the end of the week; please call that number only if there is an emergency!

For the very small group of students staying behind, please remember that there are no classes during the Week without Walls, as there are not enough teachers to offer our usual programme.

I look forward to seeing everyone home safe and sound on Monday, 24th September. I can't wait to hear the stories! Please also add Thursday, 11th October at noon to your calendar. We'd love to have you join us for the annual Week without Walls Assembly so that you can hear more about all of the trips from the students themselves. In the meantime, enjoy a quiet week ahead, parents!


Patricia Puia

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