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Primary Principal
Posted 02/01/2019 12:14PM

Dear Parents:

Thank you to all of our parents who were able to attend our Three-Way Conferences with their child. We hope you enjoyed them and found them to be helpful in understanding your child's goals for the next semester. Please fill out this form and give us your feedback so we can continue to improve.

We had 143 parents fill out our Primary School Additional Language Survey. Here are the results:

  • 59.4% of the 143 responses said they were satisfied with our various languages on offer
  • Out of 128 responses asking parents to indicate their desire to enrol their child in another Additional Language that we do not currently offer:
    • 47.7% indicated they would enrol their child in French as an Additional Language
    • 25% indicated German
    • 13.3% indicated Mandarin
    • 14.1% indicated 'other' (this included many 'one-off's' - one answer stating Japanese, one indicating Korean, one for Swedish, etc.)

Forms response chart. Question title: If it were offered, I would enrol my child in one of the below ADDITIONAL languages.. Number of responses: 128 responses.

Our K-12 team of language teachers will be meeting in February to discuss our full language programme, the continuum of language skills from PYP to MYP to DP and what languages PSI should provide in the future, particularly in the Primary School, to ensure our students are bi- (if not multi-) lingual when they graduate from PSI.

Grades 3 - 5 students will take part in the ACER tests (mathematics, reading and writing) on the 5th and 6th of February. These are standardised tests and we ask that you try not to make outside appointments during this testing period. Please see this letter from Mr. Nicholson explaining these tests.

PYP 3.0 for Parents! Mr. Nicholson will be facilitating a workshop on Thursday, 7 February from 14:00 - 16:00 in room B214. Please let us know that you are attending by completing this 2019 PYP 3.0 PARENT INFO SIGN UP AND BACKGROUND FORM.

Dr. Monica Medina, our Readers Workshop consultant, will be back working with us during the week of 11 February. She will also facilitate a workshop / presentation for parents during our PET (from 8:30 - 10:00) on Tuesday, 12 February. We hope you can make it!


Sue Williams

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