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Secondary Principal
Posted 02/01/2019 12:19PM

Dear Parents:

Tomorrow, 2 February, is the Grade 10 student and parent meeting to introduce the Diploma Programme (DP.) We hope that all Grade 10 parents will join us at 9 am in the auditorium for this important session. Even if your child is not planning on taking the full DP, you should attend to learn about your child's Grade 11 and 12 course choices and programme options.

On Monday, 4 February, report cards will be available on MyPSI in the late afternoon. Please remember that semester reports are grades only, with only homeroom teacher comments. Because there are no parent conferences after semester reports, I encourage you to contact any teacher if you have questions about your child's grades.

As you review the report card with your child, please also look beyond the numbers with him / her. What did s/he learn this semester? What was difficult? What was exciting? What goals has s/he set for the second semester? I also strongly encourage you to take time to celebrate. It's easy to fall into the trap of focusing on what can be improved. It's also important to acknowledge effort, improvement, and successes, especially in classes that your child finds difficult.

Next week, we also head into a big testing week. Students in Grades 6 – 9 will take the ACER International Schools Assessment (ISA) in reading, mathematics and writing. These are 'paper / pencil' tests that ask students to answer open-ended questions, in ways that are similar to their everyday learning at PSI. There is nothing that they need to do to prepare for these tests, but it helps if they get a good night's sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and come prepared to do their best.

Our Grade 12 students will also start Mock Exams next week. Students in the IB Diploma Programme will take exams modeled on previous IB exams. They will do that in exactly the same order and the same exam protocols as their tests in May. Teachers have already informed students about what and how they need to study for these tests. It's important that students take this work very seriously, as the Mocks will form the bulk of their final course grades here at PSI, and will guide teachers in the predicted grades that get sent to the IB. They will also help us identify what students need to do in order to be successful on their May exams.

Please note that Grade 12 students will be off timetable for the next two weeks, which means that they only need to show up for their exams. They are not required to be in school all day, as there will be no Grade 12 classes. The normal class schedule will resume on Monday, 25 February, after the break.

We wish all of our students well on their exams and on their semester reports!


Patricia Puia

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