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Secondary Principal
Posted 02/08/2019 12:37PM

Dear Parents:

We have a relatively quiet week coming up as we move towards the February holiday.

Grade 12 students will be finishing up their Mock Exams, an important part of their preparation for May exams. They are still off timetable, and only need to be on campus for their actual exam times.

I want to remind everyone that the holiday officially starts on Friday, 15 February at 15:00 and ends Monday morning, 25 February. As always, I encourage you not to leave early or return late, as every learning day is important!

Finally, as some of you may already know, I broke my leg last week when I slipped on some ice. I'm fine, but I'll be in a cast for another month or so. As a result, Lena Lindholt and I have moved downstairs to offices on the first floor in Room C103. You'll be seeing a little less of me at the front gate, but I'll definitely be easy to find in Building C!


Patricia Puia

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