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Primary Principal
Posted 03/01/2019 12:19PM

Dear Parents:

Welcome back! I hope you all had a relaxing and fun-filled February break!

Our Literacy Month begins on 1 March! We will all be participating in events that celebrate literacy, including DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) at least once a day throughout the month, our Family Literacy Afternoon on 13 March (no ECA's that day), an assembly with our visiting author Andy Wright on 18 March, dress-up literacy days each Friday, writing activities and more.

PHE has a new name! As a PYP school, we have decided to follow the IB PYP name used throughout the world for our PHE classes. We will now be referring to this very important part of our program as Personal Social, Emotional and Physical Education (PSPE). While these classes have always created and followed a curriculum based on these developmental aspects of our children, we feel that we should follow the nomenclature of the IB PYP, hence making the slight change to the name in our Primary School. Our programme will remain the same, with students developing their personal physical, emotional and social well-being.

Our Primary Students are all going through their swim checks during their PSPE lessons in the next few weeks. Dr.Tatiana, while following our Child Protection Protocols, is currently checking students to be sure they are able to participate in swim lessons in our pool according to Ukrainian laws and standards. The check includes examining students' legs, arms and torso for any abrasions, skin irritations and the like that may stop the child from swimming.

PSI App for iphones! We now have a PSI App for iPhones (Android app coming out very soon). If you go to the Apple store and download PSI Kyiv, you will be able to log into your MyPSI page more readily, send a quick message if your child is absent, look up events easily and more. Please download it and check it out!


Sue Williams

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