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Primary Principal
Posted 03/15/2019 01:23PM

Dear Parents:

Our next Primary Assembly will be on 18 March at 8:40 in the auditorium. In honor of Literacy Month, guest author Andy Wright will be presenting the art of storytelling.

Our Futures Forum will be held from 14:00 - 16:00 on 19 March in the auditorium. Come see what various student groups and classes throughout PSI are learning and doing to be ready for the skills they need now and in the future. Primary School students will not be attending the Forum during class time unless their parents are going along, too. Parents of Grades 3 to 5 students who would like their children to attend the Forum with them starting at 2 pm, please collect your child from their classroom and accompany them to the auditorium. Parents are also welcome to take Primary students after the end of the school day. Please let the teacher know ahead of time if you are intending to accompany your child during class time. Please note that there are no ECAs on Tuesday, 19 March.

Open House 27 March! The Primary School will host an Open House on Wednesday, 27 March from 8:35 - 15:00. I will send out an email to all Primary School parents describing the details of the day and a link to a registration form. If you do not receive this email by Friday evening, 15 March, please let my assistant know at


Sue Williams

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