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PTA News
Posted 06/21/2019 03:58PM

Dear families and community members, the school year is finally coming to a close. For some, our adventures in Ukraine are coming to a close as they move home or to other destinations. For others, the journey is just beginning, and for even more this is one of many years gone and to come. Regardless of your status in Kyiv, we can all agree it has been an amazing year!

The Parent Teacher Association at PSI has worked tirelessly this year to bring you quality programming and event and to create a place "Where We Belong". We hope that you have felt that sense of belonging and have made new friends and acquaintances along the way.

Next year will, undoubtedly, be filled with even more excitement and events and we look forward to rejoining again in August, with the new PTA team. We look forward to seeing your fresh ideas and plans in action! Best of Luck to the new team:

President ~ Jan Cairns,

Vice President ~ Yelena Gromova,

Secretary ~ Angie Jackson,

Treasurer ~ Maria Bantysh,

Communication ~ Emilie Hill,

Newcomers Liaison ~ Christina Breindenbach,

CISRI Coordinators ~ Daniele Pedretti & Glib Bondar,

Events Coordinator ~ Skaknoza Ashrafi ,

Classroom Parent Coordinator ~ Leah Nette,

Teacher representative,

Primary School ~ Pam York,

Secondary School - TBA,

Food committee representatives ~ Victoria McNeill & Teresa Lippencott,

Green Committee Representatives ~ Victoria McNeill & Glib Bondar,

Members at large ~ Tamara Ringger, Rajat Tara & Rajul Manjar.

In addition, Art Coordination will be taken on by Svitlana Plyhun as a non-PTA Executive Committee Member.

Have a great summer and thanks for reading all year long!

Upcoming Events

Friday, 16th August @ 8:30, PSI Courtyard - New Family Orientation Day

Thursday, 22nd August @ 8:30 We Belong Cafe - PTA Executive Committee Meeting

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