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Learning Support Programme

The Learning Support (LS) programme at PSI is designed to serve a small number of students in need of academic assistance or with mild disabilities. Students must demonstrate an appropriate level of independence and meet the school's social and behavioural expectations.

The Learning Support programme is designed to help students develop independence, responsibility and skills in their academic, emotional and social lives at school, so that they may have full and equal access to all parts of the PSI curricular and extra-curricular programmes.

PSI is committed to using a range of strategies to support students, with the understanding that all students are served in their mainstream classes, with additional support provided by the Learning Support teacher and / or Learning Support Team (LST) working together with classroom teachers.

PSI stresses the importance of all parties working collaboratively in support of the child. Parents, students, teachers and administration must agree to work together. This is especially important because Kyiv has limited resources available beyond what the school can offer.

The School is committed to the IB's Principles of Teaching for Learning Diversity outlined in their monograph, Learning Diversity and Inclusion in IB Programmes (2016):

  • Affirming identity and building self-esteem
  • Valuing prior knowledge
  • Scaffolding learning
  • Extended learning

Learning Support admissions are reviewed annually to ensure that PSI can continue to meet the students' individual needs.


Kimberly Holland
Learning Support Coordinator
Primary Learning Support Teacher

Melissa Hooper
Secondary Learning Support Teacher

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