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Ink Stains

Ink Stains is the annual publication of PSI dedicated to showcasing literature and the arts. In particular, it contains a collection of short stories and poems written by PSI students from ECU to Grade 12, submitted for the Alexander Literary Award and the PSI Young Authors Award. The Alexander Literary Award is an old tradition at PSI, dating back to a previous Director Steve Alexander, who, in his desire to promote a love for literature, has acknowledged young writers with this award. Since then, his educational values remain as a legacy, having been shared by subsequent leaders and educators at the school. Indeed, this tradition has become one of the most valued and successful in the history of PSI.

The Alexander Literary Award accepts entries from students in Grades 6 to 12 and the PSI Young Authors' Award is aimed at students from EC to Grade 5. Ink Stains is also a platform for young artists and presents a selection of artwork from students across the entire school. Photographs of some of the theatrical productions during the school year are also featured in the magazine. All students who submit entries or feature in the publication are presented with a personal hard copy and the online version is available for the entire community. Ink Stains is published annually in June after receiving all entries as part of Literacy Month in March.

Polina Spencer and Pam York, PSI Librarians

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