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Application process

Who can apply?

Applications and timelines will be publicly advertised and available on the school website.

Only Ukrainian national citizens who are students currently attending a Ukrainian national school may apply.

Applications can only be offered by the PSI Director, Principals or their delegates.

The Application Form requires basic information about the applicant’s parents, their employment and annual salaries. PSI may call for additional documentation about the family’s annual salaries, earnings and assets held during the application process, if deemed necessary.

This information will not be shared outside of the Scholarship Selection Committee.

Scholarship student profile

The school administration, with input from the Secondary School Student Council, has identified the traits we seek in scholarship candidates.

The successful student will match the following:

  • A good ‘fit’ with the philosophies of PSI and the International Baccalaureate programme
  • An interest and willingness to engage in PSI-based community service activities
  • A level of maturity, positivity and enthusiasm for schooling and success
  • A strong academic background and a satisfactory level of English language (both verbal and written)
  • A commitment to their school and studies with a record of high attendance
  • Demonstrated involvement in programmes outside of the regular classroom and the school
  • A positive behaviour record in their current school
  • A willingness to commit to PSI from the point of enrolment to the end of Secondary School graduation

Funding provided

The PSI Foundation Scholarship will provide scholarship students on an annual basis, until the end of Grade 12, with the following:

  • Full tuition fees until the end of Secondary schooling
  • Textbooks and other paid resources to include school trips and CEESA events
  • A notebook computer (to be upgraded after three years)
  • Funding for co-curricular activities / events
  • Ukrainian External Programme Tuition Fees (a requirement of this scholarship programme)
  • Sports and House Team uniform sets

Application / Process Timelines for 2019

  • 15th February: Written applications submission deadline (to the PSI director)
  • Saturday, 16th March, 9:00 to 11:00 am: Invited students will attend a scholarship examination
  • Late March: Interviews will be held with shortlisted students and families
  • Throughout April: Trial school days for shortlisted students at PSI will be scheduled
  • End of April: The Scholarship will be offered to the successful student for the 2019 / 2020 school year
  • 16th August: New Family Orientation Day at PSI
  • 19th August: First day of school

Application process

Please download the application package, student registration and student medical and language forms.

Step 1: Submission of the Application Form and all supporting documents:
  • Complete the Application Form.
  • Complete the PSI Student Registration and Student Medical forms, the Language Profile.
  • Attach school reports from the last two academic years.
  • Two recommendation letters: One should be written by a current teacher / head teacher; the other can be written by an adult outside the school who knows the student well. This should not be a parent or family member.

Note - These two letters must be posted directly to the PSI Director, confidentially. They are unseen by the applicant and do not come included with your application.

  • Attach the two Application Essays (details below).
  • Send the completed application form to the PSI Director by 15th February 2019.

Application Essays

Complete the following two (both) assignments. There is no maximum word limit, but candidates should not write less than 200 words for each piece.

All work must be in the student’s own words and written fully by the student applicant.

Submissions must be handwritten clearly and neatly in black or blue ink, and presented on lined paper.

Essay 1. Write a letter of application to the director of PSI. In your letter, say what you would bring to PSI, why you feel you are suited to the programmes offered at PSI and why you think that an international education would be important for your development.

Essay 2. Write a personal statement detailing where you see yourself in 10 years time and how you got there.

Note - Both handwritten pieces of writing should be attached to the completed application form.

Important - If a student’s writing standard on the essays above is significantly different to the standard of work provided on the school examination morning, the student will be immediately disqualified from the scholarship process.

Step 2: Entrance Examination

Candidates who have been successful in Step 1 of the application process will be invited to PSI to sit an entrance examination on Saturday, 16th March, 9:00 to 11:00 am. This step is by invitation only. The examination will include numeracy and literacy questions as well as as a written essay in both English and Ukrainian. The examination is untimed but will take approximately 75 minutes.

Step 3: Interview

  • Students (and families) who pass the examination will then be invited to an interview with the Secondary School principal, school counsellor, a member of the Secondary School Student Council and a member of the PSI Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This step is by invitation only.
  • A trial day/s at PSI will be arranged as the final part of the selection process and prior to offering the Scholarship position. This step is by invitation only.
Step 4: Scholarship Offer
  • The Scholarship will be offered to the successful student no later than End of April 2020.
  • A PSI Enrolment Agreement and the Foundation Scholarship Contract will be signed by the family.
  • A full enrolment at PSI will be completed with the successful student’s family.

Please send the completed form to the PSI Director to the PSI Reception by 15th February 2019 by post:

Rachel Caldwell,

PSI Director

Pechersk School International
7a Victora Zabily
Kyiv, Ukraine, 03039

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