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Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Rationale

PSI is a diverse and welcoming learning community for students aged 3 -18. We offer a challenging and integrated set of programmes that encourage achievement and a set of values based on the IB learner profile. Admission is open to students of any nationality who can benefit from an international, English language education.

Prospective applicants will be considered unless there is reason to believe that admission is not in the best interest of the applicant or the school.

Students with learning support needs will be accommodated wherever possible. However, the School recognises that there are instances where a child may have needs, (academic, physical, social / emotional or behavioural) that may require services or resources beyond the school’s ability to provide a meaningful programme for that student. Therefore, it is the School’s sole discretion to accept or re-admit students outside the normal range of ability and progress who might either require specialist teaching the School cannot provide, or need a disproportionate amount of the teacher’s time.

Students seeking admission to PSI in Grade 12 must enrol no later than three weeks after the start of the first semester or be transferring from an approved high school in which the student was enrolled in an acceptable senior programme of studies. Students enrolling during their senior year must be able to meet the PSI graduation requirements for Grades 9 through 12 and be fluent in English.

Enrolment Criteria

Admission and continued enrolment at PSI are determined by the Primary and Secondary Principals based on the following criteria:

1. The capacity of the school to meet the educational needs of the applicant

2. The potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services available (including English language proficiency)

3. The effect on the class as a whole of each enrolment

4. The fulfilment of school financial and medical requirements

5. Successful completion of the Enrolment and Placement Testing in English, Mathematics and language proficiency at all entry grade levels

Whenever it is not possible to accommodate all qualified applicants, the following enrolment priorities will apply:

1. Returning students in good standing who have completed re-registration by 1st May to guarantee their priority enrolment

2. Completed registration for new students in good standing of foreign embassy staff and international students

3. Siblings of returning students in good standing who have completed all registration guidelines

4. Registration for other students (and those on the waiting list) with priority based on academic competence and English proficiency

Returning students in good standing are defined as those who meet the following standards:

  1. Maintain a satisfactory attendance and discipline record (following PSI policies) in the previous school year
  2. Possess the academic potential for success and meet the academic programme requirements for the grade level
  3. Have made full payment of all tuition fees from the previous school year

Class Placement (By Age)

The primary factors for student class placement are determined by the Principal, upon the recommendation of the Admissions Department, and include: the age of the student and their educational grade level history, previous school reports, and results of admissions or other testing. (Some students may need to undergo additional educational testing to determine their English language skills and grade placement.)

Age by 1st Sept

PSI Class

United States



3 yrs.





4 yrs.





5 yrs.




Year 1

6 yrs.

Grade 1

Grade 1

Class 1

Year 2

7 yrs.

Grade 2

Grade 2

Class 2

Year 3

8 yrs.

Grade 3

Grade 3

Class 3

Year 4

9 yrs.

Grade 4

Grade 4

Class 4

Year 5

10 yrs.

Grade 5

Grade 5

Class 5

Year 6

11 yrs

Grade 6

Grade 6

Class 6

Year 7

12 yrs.

Grade 7

Grade 7

Class 7

Year 8

13 yrs.

Grade 8

Grade 8

Class 8

Year 9

14 yrs

Grade 9

Grade 9

Class 9

Year 10

15 yrs.

Grade 10

Grade 10

Class 10

Year 11

16 yrs.

Grade 11

Grade 11

Class 11

Year 12

17 yrs.

Grade 12

Grade 12


Year 13

Criteria When Selection Is Required

The guidelines below are not specifically in a priority order. Depending on the current grade level cohort, slightly different priorities might apply to maintain grade level balance, or if classes and grade level will become full, and / or if we are required to select a student from our waiting list.

The following areas are reviewed with every application:

  1. Nationality (by Passport/s and Birth Certificate)
  2. Country of residence / countries lived in abroad (and the length of time living in each country)
  3. Family's first language spoken at home / other languages spoken at home
  4. Schooling experience (the country / the language of instruction / the length of time spent there)
  5. PSI Enrolment and Placement testing / Lesson and Play Evaluation sessions / student and family interview meetings (where required)
  6. Current school reports / teacher reference forms
  7. Student / family profile (matching the PSI philosophy and our guiding statements)
  8. Siblings priority is given (only if they meet the criteria for admissions / enrolment)

Primary School

Admission to EC3

Children turning 3 years old after 1st September but before 1st November may be considered for admission into EC3. In such cases, the school reserves the right to review the child’s progress for an 8-week probationary period. In such cases, the child must repeat a further academic year in EC3. The school’s decision is final in determining the child’s placement in subsequent years.

The policy that students entering Kindergarten must turn 5 years old by 1st September during the year of admission will apply.

Admission to EC3 - Kindergarten

Students and parents are invited to PSI for a morning or afternoon event. During this time, the following takes place:

  1. Children are placed in an EC or KG classroom and are observed by our PSI Early Childhood programme teachers and teaching assistants, counsellor, learning support specialist, and principal.
  2. A behavioural checklist assists in determining the developmental level of the child.
  3. Recognition of letters and numbers are tested, particularly for kindergarten applicants.
  4. Interviews with the parents are held.

Note - Parents are not permitted into the classrooms while the students are there. They may wait in the cafeteria, cafe or reception area.

Admission to Grade 1 - Grade 5

  1. While we do limit non-English speaking students into PSI, local applicants take the WIDA screener to determine their English level in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  2. A Mathematics test, in English, is administered to the applicant (PSI assessment for EC to Grade 2; MAP online screening for Grades 3 - 5)
  3. The applicant spends a minimum of a half day in a homeroom of the grade level s/he is currently in. The homeroom teacher, counselor, learning support teacher, and Principal observe the applicant.
    1. The counsellor and / or the learning support specialist fill out a behavioural checklist.
    2. The classroom teacher gives an objective review on the student’s academic abilities in reading, writing and mathematics.
  4. The principal Interviews parents.

The Primary School Admissions Committee (consisting of the Primary principal, counsellor, grade level homeroom teacher and learning support teacher) make decisions based on the outcomes of the above tests and observations.

Secondary School

Admission to the IB MYP

Applicants for MYP follow the procedures outlined in the chart above.

Admission to the IB DP - Grade 11

At PSI, the IB Diploma Programme is a two-year course for students aged 16 - 19. Students seeking admission to Grade 11 or 12 fall into two categories:

1. Those currently in Grade 10 and seeking promotion. Placement in Grade 11 is automatic unless:

  • A student does not earn appropriate course credits in Grade 10 to meet the School’s graduation requirements. Students who do not receive at least a grade of 3 (out of 7) in any course have not passed that course. These failures may impact the ability to graduate on schedule.
  • A student’s behavioural and / or attendance is sufficiently poor to warrant exit from the school.

Currently enrolled students must meet the following criteria for acceptance into the full DP:

  • Have at least 26 overall points in their academic (core courses), fifteen of which must be in their chosen courses for High Levels (HLs)
  • Receive the recommendations of teachers regarding their commitment to learning
  • Complete and pass the Grade 10 Personal Project (even if they are not working toward MYP certification)

2. Those entering PSI from another school.

Outside applicants must do the following:

  • Have reached the age of 16 by 1st September of the year of entry.
  • Meet the School’s standards for English reading and writing skills.
  • Meet the School’s standards for Mathematics and Science.
  • Provide previous transcripts or reports from Grades 9 and 10 or equivalent.
  • Schedule an interview with the IB coordinator to discuss appropriateness of the programme with regard to university and career goals, as well as the evaluation of information provided above.

All Grade 11 Applicants

After these steps have been completed, the IB Diploma coordinator will recommend one of the following to the principal:

  • Full admission to Grade 11 with a recommendation that the student be entered for the full DP
  • IB Certificate Programme
  • PSI High School Graduation Programme (Please note that full DP and DP Certificate students also receive the PSI diploma upon successful completion of their programmes.)
  • Provisional admission to the Grade 11 Programme. Provisions considered:

a. Student may be asked to repeat Grade 11 if their end-of-year achievement is unsatisfactory.

b. Student may be monitored for an 8 week probationary period.

  • Non-acceptance of a student who is unprepared for admission to the PSI programme.

Any of the above conditions can be waived for cause or at the request of the Director, who holds ultimate authority in all school placements.

Admission to the IB DP - Grade 12

Students applying for Grade 12 must come from an IB Diploma Programme school and have a programme that PSI can match. Students may be asked to join Grade 11 or repeat Grade 12 if necessary. It is not unusual for the school to deny admission to Grade 12 students if the school cannot match the student’s previous programme.

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