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Welcome to the PTA & PSI Green Committee Page.

The PTA and Green Committee are proud to work on a range of initiatives in the school such as the ECO Schools Green Flag Project, No Waste Ukraine educational programme and the MYP service and action programme. An example of that collaboration is the support of the MYP Grade 7 science unit. Please see read more below from them.

As 7th grade students, we have assumed the responsibility of maintaining our school's recycling program. We do this by regularly emptying the school's recycling bins, educating the PSI community about how to properly recycle, and leading new initiatives to make PSI more eco-friendly.

By clicking this link, you will find our website which contains information about waste management and recycling (website credit to Luella). The website also tracks house team points awarded to the four PSI house teams for recycling. There are recycling bins labeled for each of the four house teams (Kyi, Khoriv, Lybid, and Shek) located in the lobby of Buildings A and C. These bins are for mixed recycling (plastic, glass, and metal) and ten house team points will be awarded each time a house fills up their bin. We hope this program will encourage PSI students and staff to recycle and make recycling fun for them!

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