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KFN Catering Company

Dear PSI Community,

It is our absolute pleasure to be the provider for the catering services at your school. We are KFN Catering and have been operating in Ukraine for 16 years. My name is Claudia Mejia, I am the manager of KFN Catering and have a Master of Science (MS) degree in Immunology. I will be working closely with our internationally experienced chef and director of the PSI project, Sergey Shelestov, in order to ensure optimal service for the PSI community. KFN specifically caters to schools, and therefore has become one of the leading companies with the most experience in this field within all of Ukraine.

Our mission is to deliver fresh, nutritious, and quality food made for hundreds, that looks and tastes like it's made just for you! We will make sure to provide healthy meals and light snacks daily in the Cafeteria and We Belong Cafe, in a pleasant and clean environment helping patrons prepare for their daily challenges during and after school. As we all know, we are only as good as our last meal! So we focus on several key areas:

  • During preparation and service of the food items, we will take utmost care in hygienic processes.
  • Providing you with a good balance of different nutritious and quality products is a priority to us.
  • Our menu and food selection are specifically geared to meet the nutritional needs of children and schools.
  • At the We Belong Café, we will provide patrons with a healthy choice of fresh quality snacks and drinks every day in a pleasant environment where they can eat, discuss, study, work and relax.

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